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      Art Gallery of St. Albert

      We are continuing with our commitment to provide you with exceptional arts and heritage experiences. We know that’s what you count on us for. During this difficult time, we are sharing an array of exciting content with you through our various social media platforms.

      Click here for fun artistic activities you n do from home via instructional videos, and also video sneak peaks inside featured artists’ studios.

      Gallery Facebook Page


      Musée Héritage Museum

      We at the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert are committed to providing citizens with enriching arts and heritage experiences, despite having our attractions temporarily closed. Our staff members are still working behind the scenes to keep you engaged, eduted, and your creative juices flowing.

      Visit our blog for videos and activities!

      Museum Blog

      On Twitter

      We’re gearing up for our last Historic Walking Tour of the summer, to stroll through St. Albert's History!

      It’s set for tomorrow, Sept 2nd.
      Tour: "Lots on the Land"
      Meet at St. Albert Grain Elevator Park
      (4 Meadowview Dr.) at 6:00pm (until 7:30pm)
      $3 per person

      The final @ArtsandHeritage St. Albert Walking Tour of the season happens this Thursday, September 2.
      The tour is lled "Lots on the Land" and if you're interested in joining along, meet at the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park (4 Meadowview Dr.) at 6:00 PM. Cost is $3 per person.

      If we're including museums outside Edmonton, then add the Musée Heritage Museum in St. Albert (@Artsandheritage), the Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum (@MuseumPioneer), the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village (@FOUVS). Lots of great lol museums! [2/2]

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